How to Create a Signature Wedding Drink

Creating your very own signature wedding drink can be the perfect way to add an extra special, totally unique touch to your big day.

How to Create a Signature Wedding Drink

Creating your very own signature wedding drink can be the perfect way to add an extra special, totally unique touch to your big day. But, unless you’re a bartender, we know it can be tricky knowing where to start. So, use these top tips to create a delicious drink that will represent you as a couple and fit seamlessly into your wedding.

Craft the perfect recipes for you both.

Instead of trying to fit both personalities into one drink, why not go for two? Serving double the drinks not only gives your guests more choice, also it means more fun for you when it comes to creating your own recipes.

Just make sure the drinks aren’t too similar – there’s no point putting all that effort into choosing two tipples that appear to be exactly the same. Consider a darker rum- or whisky-based cocktail then a lighter prosecco-based drink to counter it, or a fruity punch-like cocktail versus a simple yet sophisticated dry martini.

Refer to your fan favourites.

If you’re finding it hard to narrow down your choices, start with your go-to order on a Saturday night.

What are your go-to flavour combinations? And which spirits are used in those drinks? Keep in mind that cocktails tend to have four main ‘flavour profiles’ – Strong, sour, sweet and fizzy – plus there are loads of low- or zero-alcohol options.

Want to be trending?

Booze trends for 2023 are nostalgic (classic cocktails with a twist), TikTok-driven (remember the ‘Negroni Sbagliato’ moment that went viral last year?) or easily accessible, like cocktails in a can – perfect for outdoor festival-style weddings!

Are you drinking and dining?

If you’re having your signature drink with dinner, make sure the food you’re serving complements each drink. If not, there are plenty of other opportunities, from the drinks’ reception to the first dance.

Go for gorgeous glassware!

Your signature cocktail should act as another event accessory to bring your wedding together so make sure whatever you choose works with your theme, colours and venue. And that means thinking about your glass choice, too. That way, no matter how outrageous the cocktail may look in colour it’ll always fit with your wedding aesthetic. Are you having an outdoor barn BBQ or a formal dinner? For rustic dining, the mason jar over ice will look the part but a swanky champagne flute with garnish will fit the bill for a fancier function.

Think about your guests.

Despite it being your wedding, do pause to consider the tastes of your guests. There’s little point in paying for a guest lists' worth of signature cocktails, only for you and your new spouse to be the only ones drinking them! Include firm faves like vodka and gin, and simple flavours (orange, apple and cranberry) to please the masses.

Remember, colour isn’t everything.

Many couples get obsessed with colour choices, but your drink doesn’t have to be the exact same shade as the bouquet or bridesmaid dresses for it to work. That said, consider bringing your wedding colours into the mix via garnishes or accessories -anything from straws and mini umbrellas to fruit slices and glassware.

P.S. Avoid food dye or fancy syrups that may stain your guests clothes!

Have you had or are you planning on having a signature cocktail on your special day? Let us know in the comments – and tag the suppliers who made it happen!

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