When Love Conquered All

Back in March 2020, Jill and Seamus’ wedding came with a few challenges. But with perseverance comes reward, and that’s something this couple can defo confirm!

When Love Conquered All

From airlines going bust to a band member with suspected Covid-19, Jill tells us how help from amazing suppliers and, of course, some champagne got them through it… We’ll toast to that!

“You couldn’t have made all of it up, even if you tried… Two days before our wedding, half of our non-local family had to do a mad dash to rebook tickets to any available Scottish airport. A stressful situation to say the least, as the airline that Seamus’ side had booked with, coming from Ireland, went bust!

Then, just one day before we were due to say ‘I do’, our band cancelled because their lead singer had Covid-19 symptoms. Talk about things going off-the-scale!

Yet, you get by with a little help from your friends! Our pals were fab and, thankfully, we had some wonderful suppliers who adapted and guided us through the madness. The entertainment agency quickly gave us band alternatives and our décor supplier had a great ‘anything is possible’ mindset, which really kept us going!

Although planning didn’t exactly go ‘without a hitch’, we still managed to get hitched after all. The wedding day was even better than we expected and the stress was 100% worth it in the end.

I’d advise anyone else in a similar situation to try their best to keep calm and carry on because nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset… And a bottle of champagne!

Sadly, the pandemic meant we didn’t get our honeymoon to New York. But we know The Big Apple is waiting for us and we’ve got that to look forward to soon.”

Jill and Seamus' Dream Team

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