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member 1
BUSINESS OWNER Simon M. Morgan "natural shape of a ball is oval"
member 2
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Loraine Ogilvie "I speak fluent cat!"
member 3
DESIGNER Jennifer McAdam "A cup of tea makes everything better!"
member 4
DESIGNER Shirley Aiken "I don't have OCD, I just like things a certain way!"
member 5
EDITOR Catherine Stott "Wears many hats, and, luckily loves hats!!"
member 6
SUB EDITOR Judy Marshall "Knows how to cross her I's and dot her T's!"
member 7
EDITORIAL Claire McBain "Passionate about Pepsi the Patterdale"
Karen Burnett
ACCOUNTS Karen Burnett "Bean counting for quite a while"
OFFICE DOG Dylan "Bin raider extraordinaire"